...... We are a gated facility and you must have an appointment to enter......


☑️ Dog owners need to complete all documents required before we can book the dates

☑️ Dogs must undergo a short, free EVALUATION (see below for details)

☑️ Dogs must be on some type of flea treatment

☑️ Dogs over 6 months of age must be fixed (neutered or spayed)

☑️ Dogs must be current with the following vaccinations:

Distemper (DDHLP), Bordatella (Kennel Cough), and Rabies (Rabies after 4 mos old)



Before boarding or booking dates, ALL dogs must undergo a scheduled EVALUATION which includes going over the required documents, a tour of our facility and temperament testing. Our evaluation ensures that all new dogs and other guests will be as safe as possible here at The Happy Pet Place. Evaluations are free and last about 30 minutes. Please bring copies of the following to this appointment:

☑️ Proof of vaccinations: Distemper(DDHLP), Rabies and Bordetella

☑️ Sterility certificate (after 6 mos old)..proof of neuter or spay

☑️ Complete medical records for any ongoing medical issues

You will be given all other required documents to complete and bring back on the drop off date